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In our CrossFit classes, we will help push you to your personal limit. Everyday offers a new workout experience that could include barbell, kettlebell, gymnastics and/or body weight movements. Our primary CrossFit classes accommodate athletes of all levels and experience, though we do have a few classes that are more specialized for members who would like to compete. Please see our schedule to see all the available classes. We design our programming so that anyone can step into one of our classes and get maximum benefit.

All of our WODs are given a difficulty rating – Beginner, Scaled or Rx. Occasionally, we will also program something for those at a competitive level. Different boxes/affiliates will use different variations on programming and adapting classes for various levels of athletes. We use this rating system as a tool to help you best select weights, movements, reps, etc. for any given workout. It is a guide to indicate the level of difficulty and/or complexity. A particular WOD will receive its difficulty rating from a combination of various factors. Additionally, there will be days where we will have beginners learn movements versus doing the strength portion of the class. This is for those that are new to a particular movement or exercise and need to learn it.

You need to evaluate each WOD separately. Just because you do Rx one day, does NOT mean you should be looking to do Rx every day. In CrossFit, we constantly vary the workouts. On one day, you may be familiar with all the exercises at a given level and be physically ready to also perform those movements with heavier loads; but on the next day, you may run into a new exercise or one that you haven’t done in a while. We all have our various strengths and weaknesses and those must be taken into account. Furthermore, you may want to do a lower level if you’ve worked out several days in a row and are tired and/or sore. These ratings are guidelines to help you quickly assess the demands of a particular workout, but in the end, you are the one that needs to evaluate the WOD and make sure you are physically and mentally prepared. Never hesitate to ask any of the trainers questions. Also, never hesitate to talk to the trainers about modifying, substituting and/or scaling any WOD, exercise, movement, etc. The ratings are only guidelines. That is the beauty of CrossFit – All our WODs (Workout Of the Day) are infinitely scalable and modifiable.

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“Great gym, great coaches, and one of the best communities of people in the area!  If you’re just starting, or someone experienced that’s ready for a change in your workout regimen, this is the place to be.  You could not ask for a better place to start your fitness journey.

ANYONE can do it!”

Danielle S.

“I love Crossfit 171 because I found an amazing community and gained some best friends.  Also, Crossfit has helped me accomplish fitness goals that I have never been able to before, even though I was a collegiate athlete and spending all my days in a regular gym.  There is something about structured, goal-oriented workouts guided by a trainer and good music.”

Sara P.

“I like CF171 because of the positive atmosphere, the encouragement from fellow athletes, and the welcoming attitude towards beginners.”

Canaan Q.

"There are many reasons why I love CrossFit 171. My favorite is that I'm still practicing in a sport!"

Helio S.